Guerrero: Indigenous from the Mountain region request legal motion against British mining corporation


Landscape of the Mountain region. Photo @ SIPAZ archive

On 14 November, campesinos from the Mountain region of Guerrero demanded the cancellation of mining concessions, given that they violate the rights of indigenous peoples to be consulted regarding projects that affect their territory and culture.  Represented by the Tlachinollan Mountain Center for Human Rights, residents of the community of San Miguel El Progreso, Malinaltepec municipality, appealed for the protection of federal justice, given that the mining concessions which allow the Hoshschild Mining firm to extract gold and silver “contradict the Constitution and international accords which the Mexican State has ratified.”

The concern for the lack of consultation originates in the information that the campesinos have obtained regarding the presence of 42 mines in the Mountain and Costa Chica regions of Guerrero, in addition to the 30 further concessions the federal government has provided for the carrying out of mineral exploration and exploitation for the next 50 years.  Hoshchild Mining, a Peruvian firm which functions by means of British capital, has been granted concessions in more than 59,000 hectares of the Mountain region.  This general project (known as the “Heart of Darkness”) will affect ten agrarian communities, including  San Miguel El Progreso.

In a 14 November 2013 communique, Tlachinollan denounces that the “awarding of concessions for mineral exploration and exploitation in indigenous territory violates international accords ratified by the Mexican State, and the constitutionality of the Mining Law must be analyzed by the judiciary power of the federation.”  The communique notes furthermore that “the indigenous and campesino communities that carry out acts of resistance against mining projects which alter their territories in different regions of Guerrero are not rejecting so-called ‘development’ but on the contrary are defending themselves from the megaprojects which threaten their lands and natural settings, given that these plans directly threaten the physical space where the identity and survival of these peoples is constructed: on the land.”

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