Chiapas: Manuel Velasco presents his first Governmental Report


Photo @La Jornada

On 19 December, Manuel Velasco Coello, governor of Chiapas, presented his first government report before the state congress.  At the Mesoamerican Poliforum located in the state’s capital, Velasco Coello alluded to the challenges that had marked the beginning of his term, and he recalled that a year ago the state of Chiapas faced the worst financial crisis in its history.  He recognized that the debts owed by the Chiapas state governments to indigenous communities has yet to be resolved.  “I here repeat that my administration will retain its commitment to respecting Zapatismo and to resolving conflicts peacefully.  My position has been and remains clear: we have a moral debt with the indigenous peoples of Chiapas and Mexico which we should resolve with justice and dignity.”  He also mentioned that work is being done to release two prisoners who pertain to San Sebastián Bachajón.

In a communique, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) criticized the public budget outlined by the governor in his first Governmental Report.  The EZLN notes that Velasco repeats and builds upon the strategy of former Governor Juan Sabines to spend greatly on communication media.  “Over $10 million have been spent on a national promotional campaign which is no less ridiculous… or illegal for being massive and expensive.”  Journalist Carmen Aristegui strongly criticized Manuel Velasco ‘s media campaign on radio, denouncing the campaign which seeks to promote Velasco’s image as governor and future politician for spending so many public funds.  Similar views were expressed on a program in Univisión News on 20 December.

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