Oaxaca: Mareña Renewables to cancel wind-energy project in San Dionisio del Mar

San Dionisio del Mar (@sipaz)

San Dionisio del Mar (@sipaz)

On 7 January, Maurice Wilbrink, spokesperson for the Dutch pension fund PGGM, confirmed to the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf that the transnational corporation Mareña Renewables plans to cancel its wind-energy megaproject of 396 MW it had intended to build in Santa Teresa, San Dionisio del Mar municipality, in the Tehuantepec Isthmus of Oaxaca.  This decision was made because the firm believed it no longer enjoyed the conditions to install such a plant in the region.

Regardless, according to the same source, the project will be transferred to another two sites in the zone: in El Espinal where Wilbrink said that consultations with local residents have more or less been finalized, as well in the city of Juchitán, where work will begin shortly.

Adelfo Reigno Montes, Secretary for Indigenous Affairs in Oaxaca, called for the creation of better conditions so that these types of project “be taken in the mark of juridical certainty and social peace.”  He expressed his faith that the federal government could intervene together with state institutions for a dialogue among the involved parties to find adequate solutions, including a process of consultation with the communities that could be affected by such projects.

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