Chiapas: January communique from Las Abejas of Acteal


Photo @SIPAZ

In their 22 January communique, the Las Abejas Civil Society of Acteal expressed their concern for the situation that is being experienced in the state of Michoacán. They note that “our heart is very sad and indignant amidst the war that is being fought in the state Michoacán, and we find it strange that the government does not act to detain the violence […].  These governments, being bad and neoliberal, are so cynical and hypocritical; it would seem that the U.S. government wants to help with the situation in Michoacán, when in reality that country is the number one consumer of drugs and seller of arms for the wars that destroy innocent peoples and countries altogether.”

The communique also reiterates Las Abejas’ concern for the situation in the Puebla ejido, Chenalhó municipality.  “In these days the displaced brothers and sisters of the Puebla ejido are in their community harvesting coffee for 10 days.  Despite the fact that the municipal, state, and federal governments have ‘guaranteed’ calm during these days, our brothers and sisters have reported incidents such as […] verbal insults from youth aggressor groups directed against the displaced when they travel on roads [among other things].”

The communique ends with a call made to civil society for it to manifest itself in both cases.  “We ask respectfully that all men and women of good heart to unite and engage in protest, manifestations, and public denunciations, because it is crucial to detain this nightmare.”

For more information (in Spanish):

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