Guerrero: harassment by soldiers and police denounced in communities of Costa Chica

Policías comunitarias (@cgtChiapas)

Communal police (@cgtChiapas)

In a public communique released on 28 January, civil human-rights organizations and parishes denounced that “one year after the communities and peoples of the Costa Chica and central regions of the state of Guerrero organized themselves to re-establish security and peace in their communities, they now face harassment, intimidation, and abuse of authority on the part of the Mexican Army and the federal and state police.”

They affirmed that “in just one day 7 military checkpoints were installed” beyond those already existing, and these “military checkpoints are not allowing the movement of civilians either by automobile or foot from one community to the other; military vehicles and tanks threaten the people by aiming directly at them.”

The organizations noted that “the point of the federal security forces should not be to harass the communities that adhere to the Citizens’ System for Security and Justice.  In acting this way, the Army is failing to observe its function of defending the integrity, independence, and sovereignty of the country” and they demanded that the Army and the federal and state police respect the human rights and integrity of the people, including their right to free movement, self-determination, and peaceful association.

For more information (in Spanish):

Denuncian acoso de fuerzas federales a pueblos y comunidades guerrerenses (La Jornada, 30 de enero de 2014)

Comunidades de 5 municipios de la región Costa Chica del estado de Guerrero son hostigadas por el ejército (OSC de derechos humanos, 28 de enero de 2014)


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