National/International: End of solidarity week “If the Zapatistas are harmed, all are harmed”

Imagen @ Red contra la Represión

From 16 to 23 February there was held the National and International Week of Solidarity “If one Zapatista is harmed, all are harmed” as organized by adherents to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandona Jungle.  During these days were celebrated different activities in different parts of Mexico, Europe, North America, and New Zealand, all to express solidarity with Zapatista support bases (BAEZLN).

“Oftentimes power has attempted without success to provoke and destroy the organization and project of the Zapatistas, using military overflights or invasion, looting of land, introduction of social programs in Zapatista territory, fabrication of crimes, robbery, arbitrary arrest, and paramilitary attacks,” the adherents noted in a communique.

The week of solidarity was a response to the recent attacks on the 10 April ejido, as denounced by the Heart of the Rainbow of Hope Good-Government Council, as was expressed in the organizing call for the week: “The criminal group of the Center of Agricultural and Campesino Workers (CIOAC) together with the Regional Organization of Coffee Cultivators of Ocosingo (ORCAO) left six Zapatista comrades gravely injured, and they harassed and robbed personnel from the San Carlos hospital.”

For more information (in Spanish):

RvsR: Semana Nacional e Internacional de Solidaridad “Si tocan a l@s zapatistas, nos tocan a tod@s” (Enlace Zapatista, 13 de febrero de 2014)

Actividades de la Semana Nacional e Internacional de Solidaridad “Si tocan a l@s zapatistas, nos tocan a tod@s” (Enlace Zapatista, 20 de febrero de 2014)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: Denunciations of attacks on BAEZLN from the Morelia JBG and on hospital personnel from San Carlos de Altamirano (7 February 2014)

Chiapas: Denunciation of harassment and attacks from the Whirlwind of Our Words Caracol (7 December 2013)


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