Oaxaca: Launch of campaign to advance Article 1 of the Constitution on human rights

Presentación de la campaña en Oaxaca. Foto (@Códices Oaxaca)

On 25 February, there was presented in Oaxaca City the campaign for the #constitutionalarticle1, supported by 30 organizations at the national level and organized in the state of Oaxaca by the Código DH human-rights group.

The Campaign, launched by the Mexican Institute for Human Rights and Democracy, has as its end the advancement of the implementation of the constitutional reform regarding human rights, as approved by the federal congress in 2011, which stipulates a change in Article 1 of the Constitution that prohibits all discrimination motivated by ethnic or national origin, gender, age, or ability, among other things.

For the organizations behind the campaign, “the transcendental modification that the reform brought to Article 1 has represented a unique opportunity to advance the demand and observance of human rights.  Perhaps for that reason the State has been reticent to make known the contents of the reform, so that society could come to know them, defend them, and distribute them.”

The organizations which adhere to the campaign invite the citizenry to join the initiative under the slogan “All rights for all persons and all obligations for all the authorities.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Lanzamiento de la campaña por el #articulo1constitucional (Código DH, 25 de febrero de 2014)

Arranca campaña artículo primero constitucional (NSS Oaxaca, 25 de febrero de 2014)

Organizaciones lanzan campaña para difundir el Artículo 1 Constitucional (RI Oaxaca, 25 de febrero de 2014)

#DDHHhoy! (Código DH, 26 de febrero de 2014)

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