Oaxaca: Request of activation of Gender Alert amidst increase in number of femicides

Día contra la violencia de género, Oaxaca. Foto (@Sipaz)Day against gender violence in Oaxaca. Photo (@Sipaz)

In light of the increasing number of femicides in the state of Oaxaca, the civil association Consorcio for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity Oaxaca has made an urgent call for other civil organizations, the social movement, and academics in Oaxaca to join the presentation of a request for the activation of a gender alert before the three levels of governmental power in Mexico, as a means of resisting the grave situation being seen in the state in these terms.

According to data collected by Consorcio, there have been 266 women killed during the administration of Gabino Cué. In just the first two months of 2014 there have been 13 women killed in the state, a statistic that is much higher than the 4 who were murdered in the same period last year.  These data locate Oaxaca as being one of the most violent states in Mexico for women.

For the civil association, it is necessary to build legislation, budget, and public policies to guarantee the freedom, security, and lives of women: “It is evident that the generalized gender violence is a result of the omissions of the State in protecting women; it also reflects the impunity which reigns in this type of crime.”

For his part, Arturo Peimbert Calvo, head of the Defense Institute for the Human Rights of the Oaxacan People (DDHPO), has announced that he will present an initiative before the local congress to create a domestic gender alert that would not depend upon federal criteria to be implemented.

For A. Peimbert, it was an error on the part of the Secretary of Governance (SEGOB) to have rejected the declaration of a gender violence alert in Oaxaca previously, in April 2013: “It was an error to reject the gender alert; the evidence is that in Oaxaca the cases of femicide continue with an impressive increase.”

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