Chiapas: youth denounce rights-violations, impunity, and lack of justice in Puebla



On 26 April, youth from the Chenalhó parish carried out a pilgrimage in solidarity with the formerly displaced members of the Puebla Colony who recently returned to their community, these being the same ones who spent 9 months in Acteal; the mobilization was taken also to denounce the violence that is increasing in general terms.

In their communique, the youth confessed their concern for the “violence and insecurity that we experience in Mexico and in the world,” rejecting the prevailing impunity in the country.  They demanded justice for those returned from Puebla and denounced that justice “is not applied” and that those returning from the Puebla ejido continue to suffer from intimidation.

Finally, addressing themselves to the state and federal governments, the youth emphasized that they hold them responsible “for whatever might happen in the Puebla Colony if justice is not done to those who are truly responsible.”

For more information (in Spanish):

Comunicado de los jóvenes de la parroquia de San Pedro Apostol(Chiapas denuncia pública, 29 de abril del 2014)

Peregrinan contra la violencia (Diario de Chiapas, 27 de abril del 2014)

Peregrinación de jóvenes creyentes, de la parroquia de San Pedro Chenalhó, contra la violencia y la impunidad (Chiapas denuncia pública, 25 de abril del 2014)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

Chiapas: those displaced from the Puebla ejido return to their community (26 April 2014)

Chiapas: “return without justice” of those displaced from the Puebla ejido (26 April 2014)

Chiapas: Arrest of those presumed responsible for the burning of a house in the Puebla Colony an “insult to the displaced” (Las Abejas Civil Society) (30 March 2014)

Chiapas: House of displaced family is burned down in Puebla Colony, Chenalhó. Two are arrested (16 March 2014)

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