Chiapas: EZLN announces homage to Zapatista murdered in La Realidad and announces primary results of investigation on the case

Galeano. Foto (@EZLN)

José Luis Solís López (Galeano). Photo @EZLN

In “Fragment of Reality I,” Subcomandante Moisés announces a planned homage to the EZLN support base José Luis Solís López (Galeano) who was murdered on 2 May by members of the Historical Independent Center of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos in the La Realidad ejido.

“The idea is that we will arrive to La Realidad on Friday 23 May to render homage to comrade Galeano on Saturday 24 May, and then on 25 May everyone will return to their homes,” noted Subcomandante Moisés in the note.

The homage is open to all those who would like to attend, according to the message, particularly independent and alternative media that adhere to the Sixth Declaration, given that “the General Command of the EZLN might give a press-conference.”

On 24 May, there will be celebrated homages in all the Zapatista caracoles, and it is proposed that this be done in other locations “according to the desires and time of each and everyone.”

In the same communique, Subcomandante Moisés shares some of the primary findings of the investigation being carried out by the EZLN into the murder of Galeano: a young female Zapatista support-base in La Realidad relates the conversation she had with a CIOAC-H member on 10 May, when the Cioaquista recognizes having been Galeano’s executor: “I was the one who killed him.  I shot him in the head and he died.”  In the same way, the Cioaquista threatens that more Zapatistas will die: “Those who we will take into our hands are Raúl, el Jorge y el René.  We will take them into our hands and kill him the way we killed [Galeano].”  He warns that Caracol I, headquarters of the “Towards Hope” Good-Government Council, will be taken: “Enjoy your caracol.  Walk through all its parts, because we will take it very soon, and the Caracol will soon be for us.  Out of pleasure I will go there as my home when it is ours, because very soon we will take it.”

Subcomandante Moisés took this information with caution and doubts the truth of the claims made by the Cioaquista.  “We do not know if it is he who killed [Galeano] or whether he is only being macho and trying to intimidate a lady.”

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