Chiapas: Pronouncement from the women’s gathering ‘Saving Our Mother Earth’


On May 25, the Skoltayel You Jmetik Ch’ulbalmilal (Saving Our Mother Earth) gathering was held by the organized women of the Highlands (Los Altos) of Chiapas, from the collectives in la Grandeza, Aguacatenango, El Puerto and the Centre for Women’s Rights in Chiapas, “due to our concerns about the increasing use of greenhouses for planting large-scale monocultures in the region, specifically tomatoes.”  The purpose of the gathering was to analyse the causes and consequences which greenhouses bring to our communities and families, “and to our mother earth.” About 400 people attended the gathering, both men and women, to find that “the greenhouses for tomatoes will only benefit the large food companies, it is a lie to say that they improve the life and economy of the campesinos and campesinas.” They also noted in the pronouncement that the “use of agrochemicals in greenhouses damages our mother earth, leaves our plots of land sick, so that we cannot plant our ancestral foods like corn and beans, pollutes our water and crops,” and also “damages our health, through consuming contaminated food and stopping planting our native foods,” among other complaints.

For these reasons, they demanded the “recognition of the rights of women to the tenure, use and enjoyment of the land, we also work it and care for it.”

For more information (Spanish and English):

Mujeres organizadas de los Altos de Chiapas contra Monsanto (Chiapas Denuncia Pública, 13 de junio de 2014)

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