Guerrero: Delay in release for Nestora Salgado; her daughter claims to have been threatened by phone


Photo @We Demand Freedom for Nestora Salgado (Facebook)

Though the Human Rights Commission from the Chamber of Deputies and different civil non-governmental organizations have demanded the release of Nestora Salgado García, member of the Regional Coordination of Communal Authorities (CRAC), Isabel Miranda de Wallace and Alejandro Martí, the presidents of the Halt Kidnapping and Mexico SOS organizations, came out against the call for her release.  In a press-conference, they called on President Enrique Peña Nieto and the Supreme Court to review the case and carry out due process, rather than succumb to politics.  They indicated that to release of Salgado García would be “illegal and against the state of right.”

Nestora Salgado was arrested on 21 August 2013 in Olinalá, Guerrero, where she had served as a coordinator for CRAC, by Army and police units, accused of kidnapping.  This presumed kidnapping of which she is accused was the legitimate arrest of a person accused of robbery, according to the CRAC.

Meanwhile, Saira Rodríguez, daughter of Nestora Salgado, denounced that the previous week, she once again received a threatening phone call, and though she admitted being frightened by this act of intimidation, she also noted that it is a sign that the legal process to free her mother from incarceration is progressing well.  “On 9 January, when I came to visit my mother, I received a call from an unknown number.  It was a man who told me: ‘Pray to God that your mother remains where she is, because otherwise, you and your angels will pay the consequences.’  At that moment I became scared and I hung up,” Rodríguez noted in an interview with La Jornada.  It bears noting that the government of Rogelio Ortega Martínez has presented a request for the cancellation of the charges against Nestora Salgado to Miguel Ángel Godínez Muñoz, the state prosecutor, who must now evaluate whether this is to proceed or not.

For more information (in Spanish):

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