Chiapas: A year since the “unjust” incarceration of communal defender from Salto de Agua: Chiapas Denuncia Pública

Rueda de prensa @ChiapasDenunciaPú

Press conference @ChiapasDenunciaPública

At a press conference held on 14 September, families, catechists, and human-rights defenders from the local diocese demanded the release of the Ch’ol indigenous man, Salomón Vázquez Sánchez, who has been imprisoned for more than a year, accused of the crime of kidnapping a federal police officer. At the press-conference, held at the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Center for Human Rights (Frayba), those assembled said that the “unjust” incarceration took place eight years after the events took place in 2006, when Salomón was working as a rural municipal agent from the Suclumpa ejido, municipality of Salto de Agua.

Nicolás Méndez Arcos, coordinator of the Valle Tulijá Communal Committee for Human Rights, affiliated with the Salto de Agua parish, affirmed that “we as promoters of human rights affirm that there was no crime, because the behavior of Salomón conformed with the communal law as deliberated internally within the ejido, in accordance with the uses and customs that prohibit the carrying of firearms, as well as the Organic Municipal Law.” He also expressed that Salomón, who is being held in the El Amate prison, located in the Cintalapa municipality, “is accused of being responsible for the five thousand pesos that were charged [the police officer] for his rescue, but this is not true, as this was in conformity with a fine based on the uses and customs that sanction the firing of weapons within the community.” Isabel López Sánchez, the prisoner’s wife, demanded his release because “he did not commit any crime,” and she said that her six children “have suspended their studies due to the lack of economic resources, given that our only familial income was what my husband made.” The catechist Agustín Peñate Jiménez expressed that “from the word of God we see that the incarceration of brother Salomón is unjust, because the crime of which he is accused is totally false.”

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