Chiapas: 8 months of “threats and harassment” against Tojolabales forcibly displaced from Primero de Agosto

Campamento de ddesplazamiento forzado @ChiapasDenunciaPública

Camp of internally displaced @ChiapasDenunciaPública

On 23 October, those displaced from the Primero de Agosto community denounced the observance of 8 months of forcible displacement due to the “omission of the Mexican State.” The community denounced that the “harassment continues without pause, while the death-threats from ejidatarios belonging to the Miguel Hidalgo ejido, being members of the CIOAC-H […] continue.” Presently, the displaced communards confront the continuous firing into the air, threats of rape against women, threats of kidnapping, and of a new displacement.

They assured that, despite the “eight long months of suffering, death-threats, harassment, injustice, looting, violence, of exposure to the elements and strong rays of the sun, below the rain, under plastic tarps,” they have also observed “8 months of blazing a new path of life. These have been 8 months of sharing our suffering with the world through meetings, visits, reflections. These 8 months have helped us to organize ourselves better.” Among their six principal demands, the communards have requested “the immediate observance of the terms agreed to during the special meeting of 25 February 2015, which mandated the equitable distribution of the lands of Primero de Agosto.”

It bears mentioning that on 23 February 2015, members of the Miguel Hidalgo ejido pertaining to the Historical Independent Center of Agricultural Workers and Campesinos (CIOAC-H), “led by Luis Hernández Cruz and Antonio Vásquez Hernández,” violently and forcibly displaced all the residents of the Primero de Agosto community.

For more information (in Spanish):

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“Pronto iremos por ustedes, tenemos listas nuestras armas y el gobierno lo sabe”, amenazas de la CIOAC-H a tojolabales desplazados. (Radio Pozol, 28 de octubre de 2015)

For more information from SIPAZ (in English):

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