Guerrero: NGOs and human rights experts support the work of IGIE in the Ayotzinapa case


Photo: Lourdes Chávez.

Non-government organizations and experts in human rights supported the work of the of the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts in the case of the 43 missing student teachers in a public communiqué on January 19, and they condemned the media and political campaign, which, they assured, attempted to undermine the legitimacy and recognition that their work has achieved. In the announcement signed by the bishop of Saltillo, Raul Vera Lopez, and the human rights experts Luis González Plascencia, Armando Guevara Ramos, Mara Hernandez, Adriana Muro and Jorge Carlos Toledo Sauri among others, they highlight that the work of the IGIE not only needs the support of civil society and the victims, but also of the highest Mexican authorities – expressed publicly.

The announcement emphasizes the sensitivity and the importance of the IGIE: “Since the start of its work on March 1, 2015, the IGIE pointed out the errors and omissions of the official investigation into the whereabouts of the students; it stressed the centrality of the victims within the process, and, by means of a devastating report presented in September 2015, offered new lines of investigation that should be followed through on. This new tool of international supervision in matters of human rights is widely recognized in Mexico and the international community; its report is considered one of the most revealing documents on the situation of human rights in Mexico in recent years. In addition, the IGIE finds itself in a decisive phase in that its mandate is extended until April 30 next so that it can continue to supervise the investigation technically.” The signatories of the announcement recalled that the Mexican State accepted the formation of the group, whose members were selected from proposals made by the petitioners and the government, in November 2014. The campaign to discredit the work of the group of experts is being carried out while the mothers and fathers of the missing students are touring the south and north of the country to demand justice in the case.

For more information in Spanish:

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Organismos civiles, expertos y expertas en derechos humanos respaldan la labor en México del GIEI e instan al Estado a apoyar su trabajo en el caso Ayotzinapa. (Centro ProDH, 19 de enero de 2016)

ONG y expertos en derechos humanos respaldan labor del GIEI en caso Ayotzinapa (Proceso, 19 de enero de 2016)

Conforme el GIEI se acerca a la verdad, sufre una dolosa campaña de desprestigio: organizaciones (Aristegui Noticias, 19 de enero de 2016) Marcha caravana de padres de normalistas de Ayotzinapa en Oaxaca

For more information from SIPAZ:

Guerrero/Nacional: Tras creación de Unidad de Investigación Especializada, familiares de los 43 levantan plantón (4 de diciembre de 2015)


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