Oaxaca: Femicides continue in 2016


Photo @ Despertar

In the first minths of 2016, 18 murders of women have been reported, of which 12 are recognized as femicides by the State Attorney General, a figure that the National Citizens Observatory for Femicide (Observatorio Ciudadano Nacional del Feminicidio) considers sufficient to demand a declaration of gender alert for the state. An attorney of the Observatory specified that, “The increase of cases and the periodicity that it involves reveals a serious problem out of the control of the authorities. The Rule of Law is fulfilliing the minimum. […] In some countries there are only 13 femicides a year in total – a figure that makes us think as a society if we mention that we are only in the second month of the year.” Facing this reality, a group of women, members of different civil organizations, held an awareness-raising event on February 20 and demands attention to this problem from the authorities. They urged the governor, Gabino Cue Monteagudo and the Attorney General for Justice, Joaquín Carrillo, “to toughen the protocol for investigation of the murder of women and not allow for impunity in favor of those implicated.” Yessica Sanchez Maya, representative of the civil organization Consortium for Parliamentary Dialogue and Equity, Oaxaca A.C. (Consorcio Para el Dialogo Parlamentario y la Equidad Oaxaca A.C. – Consorcio), noted that the recent femicides amount to a total of 437 committed during the six-year term of office of Gabino Cue. “They have not sent strong messages that the death of women is not permitted. This shows that this type of violence is underestimated.” On a national level, she said, “the national violence is now having an impact in Oaxaca and a sign of that were the recent events where women were found murdered their children.”

It is worth mentioning that in December 2015, Consorcio, along with other civil organizations, published “Citizen Report. ABSENCES. Femicide Violence and Femicide in Oaxaca. Fourth year of government of Gabino Cue Monteagudo” (“Informe Ciudadano. AUSENCIAS. Violencia Feminicida y Feminicidio en Oaxaca. 4º año de Gobierno de Gabino Cué Monteagudo”), which notes the alarming increase of femicide violence in the state. According to the report, of the 109 femicides committed in 2014, 56 were with firearms.

For more information in Spanish:

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COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Informe Ciudadano “AUSENCIAS. Violencia Feminicidia y Feminicidio en Oaxaca” (Consorcio Oaxaca, 9 de diciembre de 2015)

Informe Ciudadano. AUSENCIAS. Violencia Feminicida y Feminicidio en Oaxaca. 4º año de Gobierno de Gabino Cué Monteagudo

For more information from SIPAZ

Oaxaca: Alarmante incremento de los feminicidios: organizaciones de la sociedad civil (18 de diciembre de 2015)

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Chiapas: Gran incremento de feminicidios, se construirá un monumento en honor a las víctimasFoto @ Chiapas Paralelo (4 de septiembre de 2014)


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