Oaxaca: Radio broadcaster murdered in Ejutla de Crespo

Radio.pngOaxaca: Radio broadcaster murdered in Ejutla de Crespo

On April 26, Apolonio Hernandez Gonzalez, broadcaster of one of Ejutla de Crespo’s radio stations, “was murdered inside his home with a bladed weapon”, the Attorney General of Oaxaca confirmed. According to the preliminary investigation of the case, the body of the 52-year-old from Radio Need showed signs of a wound on his neck from a blade and was found dumped beside an illegal work site. The authorities do not know the motive for the murder at present, while his work colleagues have sent their condolences to his relatives and demand justice through their radio transmissions and the Internet. For its part, the Benito Juarez Association of Community Radios, as well as condemning this crime, demand clarification of the murders of two other private community radio braodcasters in recent months, Filadelfo Sanchez Sarmiento in Miahuatlán and Abel Bautista in Santiago Juxtlahuaca.

The organization Article 19 learned of the case and demanded that the state authorities examine the reporting work of Apolonio Hernandez as the main line of investigation of his murder. According to Article 19, “The Special Attorney for Attention to Crimes against Freedom of Expression (READLE in its Spanish acronym) is obliged to investigate the murders of reporters.” Nevertheless, Article 19 complained that, “it has eluded its responsibility to investigate crimes that attack freedom of expression.” Reporters Without Borders (RWB) and Amnesty International (AI) recalled that 63 journalists died due to causes related to the exercise of their profession and a further 40 were murdered while the motive of their death was unknown in 2015. Both organizations have warned that there are four “hotspots” where freedom of the press is more and more restrained, Mexico being among those. In a statement, both organizations reported that, “threats, harassment and killings continued against journalists and human rights defenders in Mexico during 2015. Despite the existence of a Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, passed in 2012, the lack of resources and coordination meant that adequate protection is not offered.”

It should be noted that World Freedom of the Press Day, established by the United Nations Organization (UNO) was celebrated on May 3. According to Sol de Mexico, Mexican reporters have little to celebrate for this commemoration, as freedom of expression is more and more limited.


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