National: Judge Absolves Soldiers Involved in Tlatlaya Massacre


About 90 social organizations disapproved in a statement of the court decision that ordered the release of the three soldiers prosecuted for the Tlatlaya massacre, in which 22 civilians were killed in this community of the State of Mexico in June 2014. After the acquittal of charges of “aggravated homicide and concealment in the form of alteration and illegal modification of the remains,” today there is no member of the Army under arrest for the massacre.

As Process noted, the signatory organizations “considered the judicial resolution grave” after “the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) determined that between 12 and 15 of the 22 civilians killed by military were victims of arbitrary execution”. In addition, three women survivors stated that, “although there was a confrontation, most civilians were already rendered available to the Army when their lives were taken”. However, the judge who handled the case, Adalid Ambriz Landa said he could not determine whether those responsible were the prosecuted soldiers, arguing that “stronger evidence” was required. In the statement, the organizations stressed the “ineffectiveness of the judiciary to analyze the serious human rights violations”, he noted that “the PGR had deficient action” according to Process, by failing to investigate “the General Order of Operations that instructed the military unit involved in the events to take down offenders in hours of darkness” and indicated that and relatives of victims can challenge the decision, and that “the Executive Committee for victims (CEAV), represented at the trial, should advise the relatives about the possibility of bringing the appropriate resources.” They also demanded security measures for Clara Gómez González, a survivor of the massacre and whose testimony was key to giving evidence about the events at Tlatlaya.

The statement concluded that this resolution “confirms that in Mexico justice for victims of human rights violations and abuses by the members of the military are far from being a reality, and is an indicator of the impunity that prevails in our country.”

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