National: Thousands of Campesinos March on Mexico City

Campesino.jpgCampesinos. March in Mexico City. Photo @Cuartoscuro

On October 13, more than 30,000 campesinos (from the ‘El Campo es de Todos” movement) marched in various parts of Mexico City with the aim of “demanding from the government a new deal for the land in this struggle for the defense of territory and defense of food.” The “National Campesino and Indigenous Caravan: in Defense of Territory and the Right to Food” halted to protest at the Ministry of Finance, the Supreme Court, the National Human Rights Commission, the Chamber of Deputies and the Angel of Independence.

Max Correa, head of the Central Campesina Cardenista, explained that they want “to show society what is happening in the countryside, it is a matter for everyone, especially for the human right to food and also for the cases of dispossession that our ejidos, our communities and villages are suffering to make profit and satisfy the greed of businessmen and projects that are destroying forests, jungles, polluting water.”

According to Jose Dolores Lopez of the Independent Center of Workers and Campesinos“(At the beginning of the presidential term…the authorities) were not interested, they were more interested in the Pact for Mexico and some other reforms…we are demanding that negotiations be opened, the countryside is very complicated right now.” “We are proposing a budget to be focused mainly on small production to boost domestic production,” he added.

For more information in Spanish:

105 millones de hectáreas ejidales y comunales, en el abandono y pobreza: Narro (Aristegui Noticias, a 13 de octubre 2016)

Campesinos “toman” la CDMX (Aristegui Noticias, a 13 de octubre 2016)

Alistan campesinos manifestaciones en diferentes puntos de la CDMX (La Jornada, a 13 de octubre 2016)



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