Mexico: Anti-Trump Demonstration(s)


On February 12, 2017, some 20,000 people marched in Mexico City against the policies of the new president of the United States, Donald Trump.

Some shout “Out with Peña!”; others shout “Unity!” There is no harmony but dissonance, counterpoint to infinity in the multitudinous choir that surrounds the roundabout of the Angel of Independence.

Here are the two marches of “Vibra Mexico”, a cause divided between those who reject the policies of US President Donald Trump and those who also repudiate Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

At the corner of Florencia and Paseo de la Reforma there is tension, no one is physically assaulted, but words are crossed.

On the one hand, those who started from the Hemiciclo to Benito Juarez, led by Isabel Miranda de Wallace, president of the organization Stop Kidnapping [Alto al Secuestro]. They are hundreds and they advance to the cry of “Unity” and “Mexico! Mexico!” On the other side, a crowd arrives that has no visible end, starting from the National Auditorium with a call also open to more expressions than just a rejection of Trump.

Finally, there were not only demonstrations in the capital city, in at least 13 states where the citizens demanded fair and respectful treatment of Mexico in the face of the discriminatory and protectionist actions implemented by the US government.

 For more information in Spanish:

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Para más información de SIPAZ:

Nacional : cuarto informe del gobierno de Peña Nieto, 12 de septiembre d 2016





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