Chiapas: FDPS Suspends Dialogue with Government until El Puntal Is Closed and Other Concessions Repealed

FDPS.png(@Otros Mundos)

In a communiqué issued on February 16, the Popular Front in Defense of the Soconusco June 20 (FDPS in its Spanish acronym) reported its decision to suspend the working tables maintained with representatives of the government of Chiapas since October 2016 for breach of agreements reached. This will be until the “Casas Viejas” (titanium) mine of El Puntal company is closed and 13 other mining concessions in the municipality are repealed.

For 143 days, members of the FDPS have established a camp in Acacoyagua (where the “Casas Viejas” mine is located) “seeing that the mayor of Acacoyagua, Mr. Patricio Eli Matias, was not complying with the Declaration of the Municipality Free of Mining, which he had signed in August 2015. This document commits him to revoke the “Casas Viejas” license and the two other active mining projects in the municipality, in addition to not granting licenses to the remaining ten mining concessions in Acocayagua.”

On suspending the process, the FDPS denounced that “the role of government institutions is to act in favor of the rights of the inhabitants in the face of their violation; it should not be to promote deterrence techniques for the benefit of companies, nor to find solutions that allow the mining company to evade its responsibilities.” They explained that, “we will not participate in work spaces with the government of Chiapas that foment community division and the defamation of our movement and our members. We will not lend ourselves to political games that dilate the attention of our demands for the violation of our rights by the mining companies and by government institutions, such as SEMARNAT, which through its environmental policy permits the exploration, exploitation And pollution of our natural assets, of water and the land.”

They concluded by the same token that, “We will continue to call for the demands of the population: a municipality free of mining, dams and geothermal projects; a territory with free rivers and land, healthy, where we can sow and produce; a territory with families without diseases, without conflicts, without the purchase of consciences and where the project of development and of life is decided by the organization and the self-determination of the peoples.”

 For more information in Spanish:

A 143 días de campamento, el FPDS salimos de las mesas de trabajo con el gobierno por ignorar nuestras exigencias (Comunicado del FPDS, 16 de febrero de 2017)

Sin mesas de trabajo con el gobierno: FPDS (Somoselmedio, 17 de febrero de 2017)

Gobierno de Velasco Coello, protege a empresas mineras y fomenta división comunitaria: FPDS (Revolución 3.0, 18 de febrero de 2017)

For more information from SIPAZ :

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