International/National: New Measures to Receive Deported Migrants from US

Mig1.pngMexican migrants deported from US Photo@Cuartoscuroe-eu

On February 21, the United States announced new rules that will make it easier and faster to detain and deport undocumented people. According to the circulars signed by Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, several measures have been proposed: “one, that the authorities may deport in an “expedited “way any person who illegally entered the country in the last two years (…). And two, Mexican migrants detained at the border are immediately returned to Mexico.” “Of that total, about 75% are foreign criminals ” convicted of crimes such as homicide, sexual abuse, drug trafficking, disorders, driving automobiles while drunk and illegal possession of weapons, Kelly said in an official note.

In return, according to Suhayla Bazbaz, director general of CCIS (Community Cohesion and Social Innovation) “not all migrants deported have a criminal record, as Trump says.”

But it is not only Mexican migrants who would be affected by this new policy, if not migrants of any nationality, and according to Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Luis Videgaray, “If the US government insists that it wants to deport to Mexico, that it wants to send people who are not of Mexican nationality to Mexico, Mexico does not have to receive them, and at that moment we would begin a process of requiring the US government to prove the nationality of the person it is sending in each case.”

On the same note, the Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, mentioned in a press conference in mid-February: “For weeks I have thought about the actions I will take and I think it is best to pay back in kind. Trump says that not all Mexicans are delinquents and says that he will only expel those who cause problems in their territory, that is why I have decided to take the same measures, and start returning a gringo who lives in our country for every Mexican who Trump throws out of his.”

The risks to Mexico of the deportations are in part, documented in the study of the civil organization Community Cohesion and Social Innovation (CCIS). The study documents that “11 Mexican cities that were not attractive to Mexican returnees in 2010 became attractive in 2015, so they began to receive nationals, causing an accelerated population growth.”

The problem with these cities is that they are not accustomed to having high percentages of their total population made up of returnees, “so it is very probable that there will be divisions, tensions and conflicts between the population and the migrants who have just arrived.” Among them are the cities of Yautepec, in Morelos; La Piedad and Tarimaro, in Michoacán; And Salvatierra, in Guanajuato, which are marked with a red spot, according to the National Population Council (CONAPO), “these cities were not projected to have more than 100 thousand inhabitants in 2015 and with the arrival of nationals from the United States they surpassed that figure.”

Another problem is the remittances received by cities in Mexico, where, for example, in “Dolores Hidalgo, almost two out of ten households receive income from another country, having highest percentage in Mexico (19.60%).”



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