Chiapas: Second Forum in Defense of Mother Earth and Territory


On April 10th and 11th, the Second Forum in Defense of Mother Earth and Territory was held in the community of Santa Lucia, municipality of Ocosingo, which included people from 20 communities and ranches, from the regions of Santa Lucia and Amador, in the Lacandon Jungle, as well as members of other processes organized in defense of community territories and natural resources in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Yucatan, Mexico State and Mexico City.

During the Forum,“experiences, processes and strategies of struggle whereby we participate, both men and women, in the social and environmental impact that we are experiencing through death projects that are implemented without the consent of the people in our territories” were analyzed.

They agreed to continue and renew their struggle and also to “strengthen unity and articulation for this process by inviting more communities, social and civil organizations, and the various expressions of the independent, nonpartisan social movement of different regions of Chiapas and different states of the country.” They recognized that “transformations need to come from the community, not from bad government, or from political parties, much less from national companies or from other countries. We need to strengthen ourselves internally with the knowledge of men and women in the community. We can and must govern ourselves, respecting our differences, diversity, with equal participation of men and women, respecting our customs and traditions. We can build community governments.” They also reaffirmed their rejection of the presence of the environmental police force on their territories, as well as companies, to “take their wealth.” Finally, they reaffirmed “we will not allow evictions, no project imposed on the interest and decision of the communities.”

 For more information in Spanish:

Pronunciamiento del II Foro en Defensa de la Madre Tierra y el Territorio (11 de abril de 2017)

Activistas y ambientalistas se organizan en defensa de territorioscomunitarios (Noticias MVS, 12 de abril de 2017)

For more information from SIPAZ :

Chiapas: “ForosobreDefensa de la Tierra, Vida y Territorio” se pronuncia contra la presencia de la Gendarmeríaambiental en la Selva Lacandona (10 de diciembre de 2016)

























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