Chiapas: Ejidos and Communities in the Zoque Area March against Mining Projects

Mining.pngMarch for land water and life, Ixtacomitan (Photo@Alianza Mexicana contra el fracking)

On April 28, the “March for Land, Water and Life” was held, in which representatives of ejidos and Zoque communities from Ixtacomitan participated, with the objective of expressing their rejection of the bidding process of 84,500 hectares of lands on which 12 conventional gas oil wells would be drilled in large parts of the north of the state of Chiapas. Round 2.2 of the Energy Secretariat and the National Hydrocarbons Commission will end in July.

The Zoque Language and Culture Center and the Zoque Peoples Network have denounced the flaws in the work of the supposed “consultation” as well as the constant conditioning of government support to influence this.

For more information in Spanish:

Proceso ilegal de consulta denuncian indígenas zoques para licitación de ronda 2.2 de la Sener (Desinformémonos, 1ero de mayo de 2017)

Marchan en Ixtacomitán contra perforación de pozos (Chiapas Paralelo, 29 de abril de 2017)

Video y marcha contra el megaproyecto de 12 pozos petroleros (Espoir Chiapas, 27 de abril de 2017)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Chiapas: Libre activista zoque, Silvia Juárez Juárez (7 de abril de 2017)

Chiapas : denuncian criminalización de defensores de la Madre Tierra en zona zoque (1 de marzo de 2017)

Chiapas : comunidades zoques se oponen a extracción de hidrocarburos en el norte de Chiapas (20 de octubre de 2016)


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