Chiapas: Pansutsteol Indigenous Report Brutal Threat


On September 20th, representatives and delegates of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI), Peoples United in Defense of Electric Energy (PUDEE in its Spanish acronym), adherents to the Sixth of the Northern Jungle region denounced that the Pansutsteol indigenous people of Tila, were the “object of brutal threat”.

According to the complaint, the threat occurred after a group knocked down “a metal sign supported by two posts, which we placed and planted on their site of a colleague who joined the National Indigenous Congress. In this same Pansutseteol community, with an inscription that announces the spread of the activities of the National Indigenous Congress and the activities of the Indigenous Council of Government in our regional dates and programs.” (sic)

The complaint indicates that the aggressor group “gave a period of 72 hours” before evicting the family that lives where “we had placed our sign” and threatened the councilor of the CNI in this area that “with all his family, ) are going to disappear them, to kidnap him to shoot him.”

For more information in Spanish:

Denuncia región Chol amenazas a Concejal (20 de septiembre de 2017)

Denuncia amenazas de muerte y desplazamientos en contra de nuestro Concejal chol (20 de septiembre de 2017)

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