Chiapas: Otros Mundos Warns about the Risk Implications of the SEZ for Puerto Chiapas


In an article published on December 1st, the civil organization Otros Mundos shared information on the implications and risks that would result from the imposition of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on the Chiapas coast, describing it as a “kind of walled city, liberated territory to transnational companies.” Among other elements to take into account, they denounced that “the companies that are installed in the SEZ will not pay taxes and will not do so for the use, enjoyment or exploitation of public domain assets of the Federation, which will mean decreasing public revenues that could be destined to education, health, among other issues. Poverty will increase and the cost of living of the region will become more expensive. Its operation will involve an excess of energy consumption and also water that will compete with the communities and the surrounding region. Their solid and liquid waste will place in crisis not only the local fishing activity but La Encrucijada Reserve that aims to protect the mangrove forest.”

For more information in Spanish:

La Zona Económica Especial de Puerto Chiapas (Otros Mundos, 1ero de diciembre de 2017)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Nacional: El Senado aprueba la Ley Federal de Zonas Económicas Especiales (ZEE) (15 de abril de 2016)

México / Nacional: Diputados aprueban Ley Federal de Zonas Económicas Especiales (18 de diciembre 2015)


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