Oaxaca: MEPs Highlight Lack of Political Will Regarding Murder of Jyri Jaakkola and Bety Cariño

Bety(@CODIGO DH Archive)

 For the eighth time, MEP Ska Keller, co-chairperson of the Greens Group, and Satu Hassi, former MEP and current deputy of the Finnish parliament, traveled to Mexico to demand progress in the investigation of the murders of Jyri Jaakkola and Bety Cariño, committed in April of 2010 while participating in a humanitarian caravan to San Juan Copala, in the Triqui region. Despite their insistence, Governor Alejandro Murat did not receive them although finally, the head of the General Secretariat of Government, Hector Annuar Mafud Mafud, held a meeting with them.

The European deputies explained to the media that although there are written and signed agreements with the Oaxacan authorities, almost eight years after the double crime, only six people have been arrested while seven arrest warrants have still not been applied. They also commented that “it is horrible that such atrocious crimes remain unpunished” because there are “insensitive authorities”. “The bureaucratic difficulties that the authorities have explained to us, in my opinion serve as an excuse”, Satu Hassi said.

In an interview with CIMAC news, both emphasized the fact that “the clause on Human Rights in the renewed free trade agreement signed by the State of Mexico and the European Union this month is not very broad. While companies that feel their rights affected can appeal to a Court, these measures do not exist in cases of human rights violations.”

For more informaton in Spanish:

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