National: CNI Calls for “the Next Step in the Struggle”

CNIMarichuy, touring Chiapas (@SIPAZ)

In a statement published on March 16th, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI in its Spanish acronym) called for the “next step in the struggle”, recognizing that its candidate for the presidency in the 2018 elections failed to gather sufficient support signatures to obtain the registration before the National Electoral Institute. It acknowledged that “obtaining enough signatures would have allowed us to take advantage of this space to continue to reveal the suffering and struggle of indigenous peoples, as well as pointing out the criminal nature of the system, to echo the pain and rage that ooze throughout the whole national territory, and to promote organization, self-organization, resistance and rebellion.” However, it said: “We did not achieve it, but we must continue on our path looking for other ways, methods and means, with ingenuity, creativity and audacity, to achieve what we want.” And it appreciated that “this stage was characterized by involving more people and sectors, beyond the indigenous peoples and the CNI, in a civil and peaceful, inclusive struggle, with a just cause, with a horizon of radical transformation of the reality that we all suffer, with legal, legitimate and honest methods, and this is something that none of the members of the institutional political class can say.

In the new stage that is opening up and beyond the electoral context, the CNI proposes “an analysis and assessment that, as was the whole process, be collective, participatory, inclusive, honest and truthful”, sending analysis and evaluations to the email They also announced that “the civil society organization “For the Blossoming of the Peoples”, the National Indigenous Congress, the CIG and the Zapatista brothers, will invite all to a series of public activities open to those involved in the process, to follow up on this fight that, we know, has just begun.”

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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