Chiapas: Manuel Velasco Coello Presents Fifth Government Activities Report

MVC(@State Congress of Chiapas)

On March 26th, the governor of Chiapas, Manuel Velasco Coello, presented his fifth report of activities before the State Congress. It presented advances in several areas including:

– the response given to the September 2017 earthquake.

– The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) of Puerto Chiapas, “a symbol of progress that marks a before and after for the southern states of the country and especially for Chiapas.” He also stated that, “the first Agro-industrial Park of Southeast Mexico was inaugurated in Puerto Chiapas to install 75 factories and processors, which will benefit 15,000 producers on the Costa and Soconusco. The first 13 companies are assured and an initial investment of 300 million pesos.”

investments and exports: “Today eight times more than five years ago is exported, there is progress in attracting private investment with more than 15 billion pesos, which has generated more than 50 thousand direct and indirect jobs, more than 9 billion pesos in financing have been delivered and they have supported more than 73 thousand companies and entrepreneurs.”

tourism, an area in which he stressed that “Chiapas managed to climb four places in the ranking of the most visited destinations in Mexico, went from place 12th to 8th place, increased air connectivity by 60%, with seven airlines to five million passengers were received in the state.”

security, stating that “Chiapas today is one of the safest states in the country.”

– support in the framework of social development programs when at present “six out of every ten households have support” and that “Chiapas is the state that has most reduced extreme poverty.” It must be recognized, however, that it is still the poorest in the country.

– and, the public debt (affirming that Chiapas ceased to be one of the ten most indebted states and that at present the debt became manageable).

The newspaper Oye Chiapas said in response that the data offered by the governor “collide with the information released months ago by civil associations and non-governmental organizations” and that the delivery of the fifth government report “became a showcase for the farewell of his last months of mandate, because more than to inform the state the administration presides over, it served for his collaborators, members of his cabinet and special guests, to pay homage to him.” It noted that regarding the earthquake, the governor “did not say that to date hundreds of families complain that they have not been delivered plastics and in other cases, were victims of fraud, and there had been no deposit.” As for security, “Velasco Coello insisted that Chiapas continues to be the safest state in the country, but did not mention the constant reports released by the Citizen Observatory, whose most recent report reveals that Chiapas occupies one of the first places at national level in the commission of crimes such as homicide, murder, assault on business and auto theft.” Regarding tourism, “it also did not report the constant complaints that various productive sectors have made asking for the rule of law to be exercised, to prevent groups of all kinds from taking and closing the roads of the state.” And as for health, “he also did not detail the constant complaints and hunger strikes that nurses in the health sector undertook because of the lack of medication and not paying their salaries.”

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