Chiapas/National: Femicides on the Rise


Compared to the period from January to March 2017, the number of femicides in Chiapas doubled in the same period in 2018. This is clear from the official data of the State Attorney General’s Office, when they state that in the first quarter of 2017 four femicides were registered and in the same period in 2018 the figure was eight. This database details that five of the eight femicides were committed with a knife and inside houses.

Faced with this growing problem, on May 13th, young students of the Bachelor of Communication from the Autonomous University of Chiapas presented the project ”Emergenti. Realidad que Duele”, a documentary about the Gender Violence Alert (GVA) promoted in Chiapas since November 2016, and two cases of victims of feminicide in the state: Maribel Vazquez and Yuri Mendez Trejo. “Public policies have to address this problem”, one of the documentary makers stated.

At the national level, statistics from the National Public Security System indicate that during the first quarter of 2018 there were 620 women victims of intentional homicide, a record 18% higher than in the same period of 2017. Organizations such as the National Observatory of Femicide have warned that the murders of women are not only increasing, but are increasingly committed with more brutality. The states in which the largest numbers of women have been victims of intentional homicides are Guanajuato, Mexico State, Guerrero and Baja California, with almost half of the victims.

The Center for Women’s Rights of Chiapas told us in an interview that, although the federal government and the entities agreed that the murders of women be investigated under protocols of femicide since December of last year, in practice there is still difficulty in registering the cases and a tendency to “make up the data” trying to “hide the real level of violence that exists in the state”; This is combined with a low culture of reporting crime generally, and particularly, in the face of gender violence.

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