National/International: OSC Asks for Suspension of Agreement with US to Convert Mexico into “Migration Filter” in Return for Favors in Renegotiation of NAFTA

MigrationMigrants (@Redt)

In a joint statement issued on May 16th, various networks and organizations defending human rights of the migrant and refugee population expressed their “deep indignation, concern and estrangement in the face of information that has circulated in various media outlets, indicating an agreement in dialogue to turn Mexico into a filter for asylum seekers in the United States and as a center of immigration detention.”

They stated that it has been pointed out “that the governments of the United States and Mexico are in advanced negotiations to establish a mechanism in Mexican territory for the processing and selection of persons in need of international protection. In this context, Mexico would have the role of a “safe third country”, which implies that arrests will increase, not only of migrants, but above all, of asylum seekers fleeing the violence of their countries and who intend to request refuge in the USA. These measures would finally be an “exchange of favors”, and would be accepted by the Mexican government in exchange for economic benefits in the framework of the negotiation of NAFTA.”

They rejected this initiative and demanded that, “the dialogue with the United States be suspended until all the information is public, and until the new government that emerges from the ongoing Federal electoral process assumes its functions. Human rights cannot be negotiated as a bargaining chip in any commercial treaty.”

It is worth mentioning that just on May 16, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, reproached that, “Mexico does not do anything for us. It does not do anything for us. Mexico speaks, but it does not do anything for us. Especially on the border. They certainly do not help us much in trade, but especially on the border they do not do anything for us.” More controversy still was generated by the fact that Trump assures that criminals and gang members who enter his country “are not people, are animals”, and promised to do what is necessary to expel them quickly.

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