Chiapas: March against violence against women in San Cristóbal de Las Casas

Photo @ Colectivo Tragameluz

On May 31, some 300 women, accompanied by several men, marched in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas to demand the cessation of femicides and gender violence.

“More than a year after having declared the Gender Violence Alert in San Cristóbal, women continue in minimum security conditions that guarantee our lives and integrity,” said the statement read by the co-conveners.

They denounced that in the last month there have been two feminicides in the City that remain unpunished. The first occurred on April 24 at the borders of the La Isla neighborhood and the neighborhood of Mexicanos: “a woman’s body was found, victim of feminicide, with signs of physical violence and sexual abuse, but the authorities have not applied a feminicide research protocol with a gender perspective and have not activated measures to identify her.

A second feminicide occurred on May 9 in the neighborhood of La Nueva Maravilla: “María de los Ángeles, a 14-year-old teenager, lived in the San José Buena Vista neighborhood, north of the city, and was a high school student at General Miguel Utrilla College, located in the neighborhood of Prudencio Moscos”.

They denounced that “in both cases, the victims were criminalized in social networks, in journalistic notes and testimonies of inhabitants of the neighborhoods” and that “there is a process of normalization, naturalization and invisibility of violence against women. Only from January to date, 14 feminicides have been registered, although a large number are considered by the authorities as violent deaths. “

 “The constant criminalization of the victims only perpetuates the violence that women live and it omits to point out the aggressors as violent and macho men. San Cristóbal, ‘magical town’, is not the exception “, concluded those who called for the demonstration.

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