Guerrero/National: Federal Court Orders Creation Truth Commission to Reopen Investigation of Ayotzinapa Case

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On June 4th, a federal court, based in Tamaulipas, ordered the Attorney General’s Office (PGR in its Spanish acronym) to reinstate the procedure in the Ayotzinapa case and create a Truth Commission to re-investigate the enforced disappearance of 43 students from the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa in Iguala, Guerrero, in September 2014. This occerrefd in the context of ruling that the investigation “was not prompt, effective, independent or impartial.” This ruling discredits the so-called “historical truth” that refers to the official versions presented by the federal government to date that the youths were murdered and incinerated in the dump of Cocula, Guerrero, and the ashes thrown into the river San Juan.

The court held that there is “sufficient evidence to presume that the confessions and accusations against co-defendants were obtained under torture” and “in the face of serious human rights violations, such as torture, forced disappearance of persons and extrajudicial executions, and that it was ordered to investigate the participation of authorities of the three levels of government, in addition to the fact that in Mexico there is no independent prosecutor’s office, it was determined to create a commission of investigation for truth and justice.” The court ruled that the commission “will be consist of the representatives of the victims, the National Commission of Human Rights and the Public Ministry of the Federation“, although it will be the relatives of the victims and the CNDH that will decide which lines of investigation will be followed and the tests to be used. They can also validate the incorporation of more national and international human rights organizations. The Court based its decision on the need to enforce “the fundamental right of access to justice for the victims, provided for in Article 17 of the Constitution, whose purpose is to arrive at the truth and to ensure that this type of crime serious violations of human rights is not repeated.”

In a statement on the same day of the publication of the sentence, the PGR said it does not share the criteria of the Court, considering that the resolution issued “ignores the division of powers and the powers of prosecution, investigation and the exercise of penal action that, according to Article 21 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, corresponds to the Public Ministry of the Federation.” Before the accusations of torture, it indicated that, “through the Specialized Unit, it has opened several Investigation Cases in which the opinions are recorded of certified experts and with technical autonomy according to the Istanbul Protocol.” It finally stated that “different lines are being worked on, including those suggested by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), through the Follow-up Mechanism, and taking into account the observations of the National Human Rights Commission.”

For its part, the ProDH Center, representative of the families of the 43 student teachers, indicated that the families “will initiate a process of analysis to review their extremes and position themselves publicly in the coming days.” It welcomed the Court’s ruling and considered that “it confirms that the truth in the Ayotzinapa case is not stated, that the whereabouts of the victims are not clear and that the current federal government committed multiple irregularities during the investigation. By virtue of the judgment, this assessment no longer comes only from international instances, but has been established by a national court.” It demanded “a public commitment that in the rest of the six-year term of office the ruling will be fulfilled and the case will not be manipulated to prevent its clarification.”

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