National: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador New President Elect in Mexico


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, candidate for the Presidency of the Mexican Republic for the coalition “Together We Will Make History” formed by PT-MORENA and th Partido Encuentro Social (Social Encounter Party), became the virtual winner of the 2018 elections on Sunday July 1st. The elections were historic for the number of positions contested, as well as the percentage of votes achieved, around 53%. Until now, no president of Mexico had achieved that majority, but they are also considered the most violent with more than 200 deaths and 500 assaults according to Etellek Consultancy.

In his first speech, Andres Manuel called for “national reconciliation” as reflected in the newspaper La Jornada and “reiterated his commitment to respect all freedoms and sent a message of confidence to the markets, saying that he will respect the autonomy of the Bank of Mexico will maintain financial and fiscal discipline, and will not act arbitrarily nor will there be confiscation of property.”

He called for an orderly transition so that there are no shocks and said they will act in a respectful manner.

On contracts and agreements in the energy sector made with individuals, he announced that they “will be reviewed to prevent acts of corruption or illegality.” He warned: “If we find anomalies that affect the national interest, we will go to the Congress of the Union and to national and international courts. That is to say, we will always behave legally. We will not act arbitrarily.”

He indicated that the main mission of his government will be to eradicate corruption and that “under no circumstances will the next president allow acts of corruption, and like a good judge he begins with his own house, he will prevent corrupt companions, officials, friends and relatives from incurring in corruption.”

He announced that his government will attend to the most “humble and forgotten; especially to the indigenous peoples of Mexico.”

He ended stating that his ambition will be to go down in history as a “good president of Mexico.”

In addition to announcing his transition team, he also said that during the next two and a half months he will lay out a plan of action and begin a tour between September and October throughout the country as president-elect.

For more information in Spanish:

Convoca AMLO a la reconciliación; promete respetar todas las libertades. (La Jornada, 2 de julio 2018)

López Obrador tendrá Congreso mayoritario, según conteo del 90% del PREP. (Proceso, 2 de julio 2018)

López Obrador llama a la reconciliación tras su abrumadora victoria. (El País, 2 de julio 2018)

For more information form SIPAZ:

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