Guerrero/National: Obstruction in Formation of Truth Commission in Ayotzinapa Case Denounced

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On July 25th, relatives of the 43 student teachers from the Rural Normal School of Ayotzinapa, disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero in September 2014, demanded at a press conference that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN in its Spanish acronym) act with impartiality and autonomy when deciding whether or not there should be a truth commission for the case. “In the face of the unusual legal offensive – formed with more than one hundred legal resources – unleashed by the government of Enrique Peña Nieto against the ruling of a Collegiate Court that orders the creation of a commission of inquiry into the Iguala case with guarantees of impartiality, and in anticipation that the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation must resolve several of these resources, fathers and mothers of the 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa asked the ministers of the Supreme Court not to bend to the pressures of the Executive and be on the side of the truth and the victims. The families reported that it is “a shame” that, 46 months after the events, the authorities have not found the whereabouts of their children but they are devoting so much energy and coordination to reversing the ruling issued by the First Collegiate Court of the Nineteenth Circuit of Tamaulipas, which – after considering that the investigation of the PGR lacked independence and effectiveness – ordered the creation of a commission of inquiry with external controls to guarantee the rights of the victims“, the statement denounced.

“We are denouncing the appeals filed by institutions such as the Army and the Navy against the ruling of the Collegiate Court. If they do not fear anything, why are they against being investigated?” Mrs. Blanca Nava, mother of student teacher Jorge Alvarez asked, and pointed out that this confirms that the federal government wants to hide the truth before leaving office.

For his part, Mario Patron, director of the PRODH Center, said: “This government, far from using its forces to locate students, has used them to attack the ruling of the Collegiate Court.”

It should be recalled that the previous week, the Third Unitary Court of the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit declared that “there is a legal impossibility to comply with the sentence” issued in June towards the creation of a Truth Commission.

Vidulfo Rosales, lawyer of the parents of the student teachers later informed the media that if the SCJN decides against the creation of the commission they will seek to meet with the representative of the next administration of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to find a way out of “the obstruction” of the current federal authorities.

“We want to give a message to the new government that has been appointed on July 1st, to commit to the truth, to help us find the truth, and also to resume the investigation of the experts of the IGIE (Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts ), following the line of investigation to be able to find the whereabouts of our children”, the relatives proposed.

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