National: AMLO “The Army and the Navy will continue on the streets in internal public security tasks”

On August 24, at a press conference, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), president-elect of Mexico, informed that his government will continue with the security policy that began in 2006, during the administration of Felipe Calderón, to use the military forces in tasks of public security before “the bitter reality” of insecurity and violence that prevails in the country. He affirmed that “in the current circumstances there is no alternative” and that it would be “an irresponsibility on his part” to remove marines and soldiers from the streets, since it would leave the Mexicans “in a state of defenselessness“. He stressed that the Federal Police “is not prepared to replace them” in their tasks, and that the state and municipal police “are not fulfilling their responsibility”.

He added that his government will seek a gradual exit from these two forces, but acknowledged that it will be a process for the medium and long term. He added that “no change is going to be made in the current Law of Internal Security, as long as there are no results. Let’s first operate with the current legal framework. “ He maintained however that his government will take care that marines and soldiers respect human rights.

These proposals were made after having meetings with the Ministries of the Navy, Vidal Francisco Soberón Sanz, and of the National Defense, Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda. AMLO also said that the names of the future ministers of both agencies will be defined by mid-October.

Given these statements, the #SeguridadSinGuerra collective stated that “the signs are confusing. On the one hand, throughout the country, Forums for Peace and Reconciliation are held and on the other hand, fragments of the discourse we have heard in almost 12 years of war, are repeated in contrast to the effort, the expectations and the historic moment that Mexico lives ».

He expressed concern that “the President-Elect has omitted to commit to what the IACHR, the UN, the CNDH and our group have repeatedly recommended: the gradual withdrawal of the Armed Forces from public security tasks and the recovery of these by the civil police. “ He also claimed “the absence of commitment to reject the Law of Internal Security, [that the next government] turns a deaf ear to what is said repeatedly in the forums organized by those who will make up the future Ministry of Public Security and that this situation contributes to the uncertainty about the will of the next government to stop the militarization that throughout the country has been accompanied by an increase in violence and serious human rights violations. “

He concluded by reiterating its “willingness to contribute in the public debate and its demands to reject the Law of Internal Security, to develop a responsible plan for the gradual withdrawal of the Armed Forces and adopt the necessary measures to strengthen the police and put an end to the impunity that prevails regarding the military elements involved in serious human rights violations. As long as militarization continues, peace and reconciliation can not begin to be built. ”

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