Oaxaca / National: 8th National Meeting of victims of the earthquakes of September 2017 in Juchitán


Photo @Asimismo

During the last weekend of Augus, the 8th Meeting of victims of the earthquakes of September 2017 took place in Oaxaca. More than a thousand people from the Isthmus of Tehueantepec, Chiapas, Morelos, Puebla and Mexico City met in the City of Juchitán to demand a decent reconstruction after the earthquakes that occurred during the month of September 2017.

According to the newspaper La Jornada: “one of the main demands is that electric power should be a free right for the affected communities, especially those of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, where 25 wind farms are installed, in spite of which the tariffs are the higher charged nationally. “

“A year after the earthquake that damaged thousands of homes in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, we see that things are going very slowly. Although the network of neighbors affected by the earthquakes and women in resistance have fought and many lawsuits have been resolved , there are still pending issues on part of the state: many people were defrauded by companies and do not have housing, others have not received their support cards and others owe more to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) when they do not even have a house, this is why our struggle and our demand is to have free electricity for all”, said Magali Sánchez Santiago, member of the Network of Women in Resistance.

They point out that reconstruction is also very slow in hospitals, schools, markets and other public spaces. Nearly a year after the September 7 earthquake, they say that they have organized themselves as civil society and “we have overcome government support”. They still demand that the authorities fulfill their commitment with those affected.

For more information (in Spanish) :

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For more information from SIPAZ :

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