National: Defenders and Journalists Denounce Insufficient Resources for Continuity of Protection Mechanism

Protection@Red es Poder

 On September 19th, members of the Consultative Council (CC) of the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in Mexico denounced at a press conference that the more than 700 people benefiting from it are about to be left without such protection and that, they affirm, the Federal Government “has not set aside the necessary resource to guarantee the implementation of the protection measures and, on the contrary, since 2016 it has had a budget decrease of 77%.”

The complainants expressed their concern at this “governmental oversight that puts at risk the life and physical and emotional integrity of hundreds of human rights defenders and journalists, who saw their work truncated, after physical attacks, assassination attempts, death threats, defamation campaigns, disappearance, femicide, among other types of aggression.” They also expressed that in most cases there is impunity “which makes permissible the prevalence, increase and aggravation of aggressions against those who exercise the defense of human rights and/or journalism.”

Officials of the federal government reported that there are economic resources for the end of the year, without guarantees for 2019. The members of the CC affirmed that “the integral protection of human rights defenders and journalists is not a matter of six-year terms, but it has to be assumed as a state policy in which life and physical integrity is involved.” They also noted that, “a comprehensive policy has not been developed to incorporate the gender, intercultural and human rights perspective, where the mechanism operates not only in a reactive manner, but also in a preventive manner to eradicate aggressions against human rights defenders and journalists.” They called on “the Budget Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and the next federal government to grant a sufficient budget, as well as guarantee its transparent use and the strengthening of the structure of the mechanism.”

For more information in Spanish:

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