Chiapas: Federal Superior Auditors (ASF) Finds 187 Million Peso Irregularities in Chiapas Health System


Based on an article published on September 25th, the magazine Sin Embargo reported that in 2017, the Federal Superior Auditors (ASF in its Spanish acronym) found “a series of irregularities in the Chiapas health for the sum of 187,348,662 pesos, [federal] money that was transferred to “other” accounts; was used for other purposes (paying salaries not covered by the budget to staff) or simply that there are no vouchers or receipts to show that the money fulfilled its objective.”

Sin Embargo stressed that in Chiapas, the state with the largest number of poor people in the country according to data from the National Council for Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL in its Spanish acronym), “802,600 people registered in 2016 as lacking access to health services.”

The note adds that in the audit of the federal resources transferred to the Government of Chiapas for an amount of 2,447,239,000 pesos, they could not “clarify or justify 42,242,869 pesos. This amount must be verified before December 31st, 2018 and subsequently, returned to the Federal Treasury (TESOFE in its Spanish acronym).”

For more information in Spanish:

Una maraña de cuentas, pagos sin recibo y premios a “un sindicato” esfuman 187 millones en Chiapas (Sin Embargo, 25 de septiembre de 2018)

Pagos sin recibo y premios al “sindicato”, hacen desaparecer 187 millones para el Sector Salud de Chiapas (Chiapas Paralelo, 25 de septiembre de 2018)

Desaparecen por arte de magia 187 mdp en Chiapas; estaban destinados a salud (Laneta Noticias, 25 de septiembre de 2018)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Chiapas: Manuel Velasco Coello Presents Fifth Government Activities Report (April 12th, 2018)

Chiapas: repression and arbitrary imprisonment of health-care workers (Feb. 2nd, 2018)

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