Oaxaca: Popular Community Trial against the State and the Mining Companies Held

On October 11 and 12, in the City of Oaxaca, 50 indigenous communities and civil organizations submitted national and international extractive companies, as well as the Mexican State to a “Popular Community Trial”, for 22 cases of human rights violations in the framework of the 322 concessions granted for 41 mining projects covering a total area of ​​462 thousand 974 hectares in Oaxaca.

The denunciations included situations of murders, assaults and criminalization of human rights defenders; deception and conditioning to get the consent of indigenous communities in violation to their right to a free, prior and informed consultation; as well as contamination of common property and community divisions as a result of mining activity. They were presented to a jury composed of international experts.

In the pre-verdict, the jury requested the adoption of measures and policies that fully and effectively guarantee the exercise of self-determination, autonomy, forms of government and relationship with indigenous territories, lagoons, rivers, mountains and seas, as well as the strict respect of their normative systems; the immediate suspension of new mining concessions (as long as a new legal framework is not drawn up that fully and effectively respects the indigenous peoples rights ); the abrogation of the current Mining Law and the approval of a new law that respects the rights of indigenous and peasant peoples, one that will tend to fully repair the human rights violations that have occurred so far. The final verdict will be handed over to community, state and national authorities as well as to human rights organisations at a national and international level in early December.

For more information (in Spanish):

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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