Oaxaca: “Simulation” of Gender Parity – Women Threatened and Forced to Renounce Posts: National Electoral Institute


During the first week of January, at least three cases have been reported in which elected municipal presidents did not assume their political office, such that the posts were occupied by men. According to Proceso, “these are the municipal presidents of Santiago Tamazola, Anayeli Huerta Atristain, of the PRI-PVEM-Nueva Alianza coalition; of San Miguel Ahuehuetitlan in the Mixteca area of Oaxaca, Fidelia Bernarda Cuenca Fermin, and of San Juan Bautista Tlacoatzintepec, Martha Regules Mendoza (Morena).”

In addition, the National Electoral Institute (INE in its Spanish acronym) reported in a statement about three other cases in San Juan Colorado, Santa Maria Teopoxco and Pinotepa de Don Luis where mayors are being threatened to resign their positions.

Counselor Adriana Favela denounced that “we cannot allow them to continue to be used by political parties only to cover a quota, it is not enough that parity is in the law, we must get women to occupy their positions without any kind of simulation.”

Favela called on the governor and the authorities of the state of Oaxaca to stop political violence against women and ensure that vacant positions are taken over by women. If necessary “the INE will use this situation to appoint women”, the counselor assured.

For more information in Spanish:

Condena INE violencia política de género que sufren presidentas municipales de Oaxaca (Comunicado de prensa del INE, 9 de enero de 2019)

Violencia política de género contra alcaldesas en Oaxaca debe ser investigado y castigado: INE (Proceso, 9 de enero de 2019)

Pide IEEPCO al Congreso garantizar libre cargo de alcaldesas (El Universal, 8 de enero de 2019)

Presidenta municipal de San Juan Colorado sin bastón de mando (El Imparcial de la Costa, 4 de enero de 2019)

Renuncia Fidelia Cuenca, alcaldesa de San Miguel Ahuehuetitlán (SDP Noticias, 4 de enero de 2019)

Alcaldesa de Santiago Tamazola, Oaxaca, renuncia y deja cargo a su cuñado (El Universal, 3 de enero de 2019)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Chiapas: investigation of resignations of women candidates elected as mayors or deputies whose positions would be occupied by men (September 20th, 2018)

Oaxaca: 17 Men Pose as Transgender to Register as Candidates (May 14th, 2018)

National: Historic Elections in Mexico – Historic Record of Political Violence (July 17th, 2018)

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