Chiapas: Three Suspects Arrested for Murder of Sinar Corzo Esquinca, Including Father-in-Law of Mayor of Arriaga


On January 16th, the General Prosecutor’s Office of Chiapas reported that it had arrested three men, allegedly responsible for the murder of human rights defender Sinar Corzo Esquinca, killed on January 3rd near his home in the municipality of Arriaga. Among them is Apolinar N, father-in-law of the mayor of Arriaga, David Parada Vazquez. The unit also announced that, “the participation of other people is presumed in taking the life of Corzo Esquinca, they are already sought by the authorities for this.” According to the investigations, “the motive of the crime focuses on the differences between Apolinar N and the activities of Sinar Corzo Esquinca” although their nature is not detailed.

“The FGE, led by Jorge Luis Llaven Abarca, states that there will be no impunity in this case and reiterates its commitment to society to strengthen the rule of law and guarantee legal security throughout Chiapas”, the press release of the Office of the Prosecutor said in this context.

Sinar Corzo Equinca was part of the Coloso de Piedra Citizen Committee for the Defense of Human Rights and was actively engaged in defending various causes such as the management of works and roads for indigenous communities, care for the environment, the struggle of tenants of the Coloso de Piedra Public Market to obtain decent spaces for the sale of their products, and had added to the demands for the reconstruction of damages caused by the earthquake of September 7th, 2017.

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

Chiapas: Movilizaciones para exigir justicia en el caso del asesinato defensor de derechos humanos Sinar Corzo. Todas las líneas de investigación siguen abiertas afirma fiscal.

(15 de enero de 2019)

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