National/International: New Migrant Caravan Reaches Mexico

Caravan.pngMigrant caravan, January, 2019 (@Sopitas)

On January 17th, a new caravan made up of just under a thousand migrants from Honduras and El Salvador reached the southern border of Mexico, most of them with the intention of continuing to the border with the United States. It is expected that thousands more will arrive there in the coming days.

Unlike less than three months ago when a similar caravan was greeted with tear gas, federal riot police and a fence that was knocked down by its members, the new Mexican government chose to launch a Migrant Caravan Care Plan with a humanitarian vision: the migrants will be given a visitor’s card for humanitarian reasons within a period of five days, with which they will be able to transit through the country and obtain work in Mexico. This card will be valid for one year. Meanwhile, they obtained a bracelet that contains their personal data, and that allows them to go from Mexico to Guatemala and vice versa. Mexican authorities also reported that they have set up a shelter with capacity for 3,000 people, where they will be offered information, food, water, and medical attention.

For its part, and without any change in discourse compared to previous caravans, US President Donald Trump, criticized Mexico: “Mexico is doing NOTHING to stop the Caravan that is now fully formed and is heading to the United States. We have stopped the last two – many (migrants) are still in Mexico but cannot cross our Wall, many Border Agents are needed if there is no Wall. It’s not easy!” He tweeted. He referred again to immigrants who arrive in the US as “human and drug traffickers.” It should be recalled that since last December 22nd, the federal government of the United States has closed 25% of its administration due to Trump’s demand to include funds for the construction of the border wall in federal budgets, something which the new Democratic majority in the Chamber of Deputies has opposed.

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