National/International: New Migrant Caravans Arrive at Border; Others Advance through Mexico

migrants@El Sol de Mexico

On January 22nd, several groups of migrants were on their way through Mexico to the US while thousands of migrants were still waiting at the border for their Visitor for Humanitarian Reasons Card that would allow them to cross the country legally. As of Monday, the Migration Institute of Mexico had registered 6,791 applications in total, 5,323 from Hondurans, 658 from Salvadorans, 632 from Guatemalans and 139 from Nicaraguans. A small number also came from Haiti, Brazil and Cuba. As of Monday, the number already exceeded 7,000 applications. Apart from the adult applicants, there are also hundreds of children and young people in the group, some of them traveling alone. During their wait at the border, the Mexican government made available a migrant shelter and an improvised shelter, where migrants can stay. The same day, the Mexican government and the immigration authorities had already delivered the first cards.

Although there is the option of staying in Mexico, working and accessing the health system and the education system, most migrants still aspire to reach the United States. Getting the card is more of a measure to reach their destination faster and more easily, because “it’s better if they do not bother us on the road”, said one migrant. In addition to these groups, it is estimated that there are around 2,000 migrants who are crossing the country without immigration papers, since they decided not to wait five days to obtain the card and an official permit.

The first group to enter, composed of some 500 people, has already arrived in the municipality of San Pedro Tapanatepec in Oaxaca. There it was not only seen that this caravan is more dispersed than the first one with smaller groups and faster advances, but also that civil society and the church have stopped distributing humanitarian aid as was seen in 2018.

With Trump criticizing Mexico for its handling of the situation, an anger or an indifference growing among the Mexican population and thousands more migrants arriving from Honduras and other Central American countries, the outlook remains bleak.

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