International/Mexico: Xenophobic Violence Erupts Against Migrants in Tecun Uman

migrantsPhoto @ El Universal

On the morning of January 27th, a group calling itself “United Ayutlecos” forcibly evicted Hondurans and Salvadorans from the central park of Tecun Uman, located in the municipality of Ayutla, Guatemala, “with sticks stones.”

The migrants were in the central park waiting to be able to apply for a Visitor Card for Humanitarian Reasons from the Mexican authorities, which would allow them to cross the country legally.

The Collective of Observation and Monitoring of Human Rights in Southeast Mexico, made up of 15 civil organizations, reported that due to the eviction “the displaced persons have been forced to flee to the border and cross the International Bridge. The Mexican authority has let all the people pass by, and the agents have quickly installed fences to block the path of the aggressor group. Around two thousand people have also taken refuge from the violence unleashed in the municipal shelter of Tecun Uman, creating an untenable situation and a permanent risk.” Other migrants fled the assailant group crossing the Suchiate River on the Mexican side to feel more secure.

They mentioned that, “the acts have been perpetrated under the permissiveness of the Guatemalan authorities, who did absolutely nothing to defend the persons attacked, whether they were migrants, journalists or human rights defenders.”

For more information in Spanish:


Vecinos de Ayutla, San Marcos expulsan a migrantes hondureños y salvadoreños y se lían a golpes (Prensa Libre, 27 de enero de 2019)

Hombres embozados desalojan a migrantes en Tecún Uman (El Universal, 28 de enero de 2019)

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