National/International: Civil Organizations Ask Mexico to Erradicate Torture


On January 30th, at a press conference after three days of meetings, national and international organizations and networks reported that the Mexican State did not fulfill its obligation to present a National Program against Torture, a commitment included in the General Law on the subject approved in 2017 and that is “completely stopped” and of “low priority for official spaces”

They exhorted the new government led by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to “recognize the seriousness of the phenomenon of torture and to collaborate with civil society in combatting it, recognizing the experience and value of its contribution.” They demanded the new government “incorporate an axis of work on combating torture in the context of the new National Development Plan, as well as to make known opportunely the mechanisms so that civil society can make contributions in this process.”

They also highlighted “the opportunity represented by the national review to which Mexico will be submitted in April of this year before the Committee Against Torture (CAT). This space will be a fundamental test that will permit determing the true commitment of the new government to take concrete actions to eradicate torture.”

They revealed that they plan to contribute to the fight against torture in two says. On the one hand, “they will strengthen the updated diagnosis of the problem, with the coordinated production of a joint report (…) which will be presented to the UNCAT in April in Geneva.” On the other hand, they reported that in the meeting they began to work together on “an initial draft of the National Program to Prevent and Punish Torture based on internationally tested methodologies. The purpose of this exercise is to contribute constructively to the design and implementation of a State policy that effectively counteracts and discourages the practice of torture.”

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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