International/National: Registration of Humanitarian Visas for Migrants Closes


On February 1st, the National Institute of Migration (INM in its Spanish acronym) reported that the possibility of registration for migrants to obtain humanitarian visas was closed. This decision left hundreds of migrants on the border of Guatemala and Mexico, with no possibility of applying.

The Collective of Observation and Monitoring of Human Rights in Southeast Mexico, a network of 12 non-governmental organizations in Mexico that have been monitoring the situation, expressed their concerns emphasizing that “the people left on the Guatemalan side have been left without options, such that the Mexican State does not develop a comprehensive migration and refuge policy that guarantees the dignified and safe entry of the forcibly displaced persons who arrive at the southern border, in order to establish themselves in Mexico, to benefit from international protection, or to transit through the territory to reach the northern border.”

On another note, on February 3rd, a caravan of around 2,000 migrants, mostly with humanitarian visas, left Tapachula, Chiapas, many of them still with the idea of ​​reaching the United States. The visas they obtained allow them to move and work legally in Mexico. Very few are considering staying in Chiapas or southern Mexico.

The atention plan launched by the federal government had begun on January 18th, and allowed the delivery of almost 13,000 humanitarian visas, the vast majority of them to Central Americans, in particular to 9,000 Hondurans, according to the INM.

For more information in Spanish:

Migrantes no se quedan en Chiapas, con visa humanitaria avanzan a EEUU (Quadratin Chiapas, 3 de febrero de 2019).

Programa de tarjetas para migrantes no debe cerrarse: Solalinde (Quadratin Chiapas, 1 de febrero de 2019).

Las visas humanitarias en México: un imán para la nueva caravana migrante (The New York Times, 25 de enero de 2019).

Cierra INM registro de migrantes; entregará 12,600 visas humanitarias (La Silla Rota, 30 de enero de 2019).

For more information from SIPAZ:

Internacional/México: Estalla la Violencia Xenófoba a migrantes en Tecún Umán (28 de enero de 2019).

Nacional/Internacional: Sánchez Cordero advierte que la caravana de migrantes solo tendrá “acceso ordenado” a territorio mexicano (9 de enero de 2019).

Nacional/Internacional: más de 9 mil migrantes que entraron en caravanas siguen sin mucha posibilidad de cumplir con su sueño (7 de diciembre de 2018).

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