Chiapas: Second Encounter in Zapatista Territory of Women who Struggle Cancelled


On February 11th, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN in its Spanish acronym) announced the cancellation of the second Encounter of Women who Struggle that was planned for March. In the first meeting that took place on March 8th, 9th and 10th, 2018 in the context of International Women’s Day, some ten thousand women participated, coming from all the Zapatista caracoles, from 27 Mexican states as well as from various countries around the world.

In their communiqué, the Zapatista women mentioned as reasons for the cancellation, among others, the risk involved in their struggle against the “megaprojects” of the new government: “The truth is that they go against everything against the indigenous peoples, their communities, their lands, their mountains, their rivers, their animals, their plants and even their stones. That is, they are not only against us the Zapatistas but against all the women who call themselves indigenous. And also against men.” They stated that “we are going to receive them fighting and see if they learn what Zapatista women are, that thye do not sell themselves, do not give up and do not surrender.”

They also criticized the behavior of some participants from last year: “When it was the Encounter of Women who Struggle last year, we made a great effort for you to be content, happy and safe, compañera and sister. And from this we got a good dose of criticism that you left us: that the bed is very hard, that you do not like the food, that it is very expensive, for this reason and that reason. We are informing you now of how we worked and the criticisms we received.”

However, they called the women of the world not to stop struggling, “even if those damn capitalists and their new bad governments get away with it and annihilate us, because you have to keep fighting in your world. Because well we agreed in the meeting that we are going to fight so that not a single woman in any corner of the world is afraid of being a woman.”

For more information in Spanish:

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