International: Trump’s Plan to Finance Border Wall Faces Legal Challenges

wall.pngCurrent border wall (@Cuartooscuro)

On February 26th, the House of Representatives of the United States passed legislation to block the “national emergency” that President Donald Trump wanted to declare, as a means of financing a wall on the border with Mexico.

Trump decreed the emergency on February 15th, after Congress approved $1.38 trillion to strengthen border security, a fraction of the $5.7 trillion Trump had requested for it.

The declaration of a national emergency as a way to obtain funds for the construction of the border wall is considered unconstitutional by legal experts. Several states have also initiated legal proceedings over this.

In the mid-term elections of 2018, the Republicans (Trump’s party) lost control of the House of Representatives. Not having enough legislative support to finance what was one of his campaign commitments, Trump has sought to achieve it in other ways. When declaring a national emergency, he could use funds initially earmarked for other items.

Many Democrats and even several Republicans have expressed their concerns about this strategy that does not respond to legal regulations. Trump has justified his decision by stating that immigrants who cross the border from Mexico are “criminals” and “terrorists” from the Middle East.

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