National: Chamber of Deputies Approves Law that Creates National Guard after Three Months of Debate and Negotiation

National Guard.png(@Cuarotoscuro)

On February 28th, after three months of intense debates and negotiations, the plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved the law that will allow the creation of the National Guard, with 463 votes in favor and one against by the independent member, Ana Lucia Riojas Martinez. The latter questioned that despite the approval of a civilian command, nothing prevents the National Guard from having a retired or licensed military officer. She also expressed on Twitter viewing “problematic and irresponsible such a long term (five years, the time that the National Guard will remain in the streets) and the absence of a transition plan to return the Army to barracks. The government leaves the responsibilities in the hands of its successor that are its own.”

After the modifications of the Senate, it was established that the National Guard would be a body with civilian control, with a term of five years to finalize its formation, during which the participation of the Armed Forces in public security tasks will be maintained. This new security force will have military discipline and training, and should have 150 thousand elements at the end of the current six-year term of office.

The discussion was passed on to local congresses given that the approval of at least 17 of them will be required before it can be enacted.

On another note, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, said that in April, Mexico will sign an agreement with the United Nations (UN) to train the National Guard in the field of human rights, an agreement that will take shape during the visit that will be made to the country by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, and that will address “the definition of content, selection systems and training in the use of force.”

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